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General Information

alpha Kappa Delta Phi is an Asian-interest sorority with 65 chapters in the United States and Canada. Established in 1990, alpha Kappa Delta Phi has grown to become a strong network of motivated and dedicated women. aKDPhi consists of sisters from many diverse backgrounds with common goals and love for one another. We strive to live up to aKDPhi's standards, while awarding each other with unconditional love towards one another.

Mission Statement

The sisterhood of alpha Kappa Delta Phi provides womxn with a sense of belonging that nurtures life-long friendships, develops self-empowered leaders, and strengthens communities through service, scholarship, and Asian Awareness.

Vision Statement

aKDPhi envisions a worldwide network of respected, confident womxn who elevate each other and their communities through compassionate, purpose-driven leadership that ensures diversity, encourages innovation, and promotes collaboration.

Core Values


We strive to lead with compassion. We understand empathy, service, and appreciation of others begins with loving ourselves.


We strive to build community. We believe friendship and collaboration provide opportunities to experience the fullness of the human experience.


We strive to be role-models for ourselves, our sisters and in our communities. We believe in honesty, transparency, and consistency. We carry ourselves with dignity, reliability and respect for others.


We strive to take action and live intentionally. We believe purpose makes a difference and fulfillment comes from showing up everyday and making deliberate decisions towards our pursuit of goals.


We strive to be courageous in our vulnerability, and to encourage and support our sisters in their journey of self-discovery. We believe true belonging happens when we express our authentic and imperfect selves to the world.

Crest Elements

CREED: Love and Friendship

MOTTO: "Timeless Friendship Through Sisterhood"

COLORS: Purple and White


SYMBOL: Hourglass

STONE: Diamond

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