Will the new member process take too much time and affect my grades?

The new member process is a serious and lifetime decision. The process helps you with your priorities and time management. Of course, academics come before anything else. We have an academic chair who conducts mandatory study hours and is in charge of making sure each active is doing well in their classes. We also have sisters in a variety of majors such as Information Systems, Pre-Nursing, Psychology, Graphic Design, Music, Economics, Biology and Chemistry, so we can help each other in different classes and help you in classes you are struggling with. Each active must have both semester and cumulative GPAs of at least 2.25.

Does the sorority do anything besides party?

This is a widespread stereotype of Greek organizations. A majority of our time is spent upholding alpha Kappa Delta Phi's pillars of sisterhood, scholarship, service and Asian awareness. Our pillars are what differentiates us from other greek organizations.


When we host our own club parties, they are fundraisers for our chapter or for breast cancer research. Sisters are not allowed to drink any alcohol during this time. aKDPhi does not condone underage drinking, and we will never force you to drink.


Are sororities only about partying, smoking, and drinking?

We never encourage our members to smoke or drink. The core of our foundation as an organization is the bond of sisterhood that we share, not the love of a good party, or those few cigarettes or drinks. It is an individual's personal choice to smoke or drink (at 21+ years of age).


If you join a Greek organization, are you paying for friends?

This is not true. In the same way you would gain friends in any situation, you will meet new people and get to know them over time. You learn many things while you are in the new member process, such as time management, leadership, sacrifice, and love. When you become a sister, you would have built a bond with all the girls in the sorority that you can never break. Your sisters will be your sisters for life, and yes, along the way they do become your friends.

How much do you pay for dues?

Our dues are among the lowest of all Greek sororities, and we are a non-profit organization; therefore, all the money gets back to you in one form or another.


Do you have to be Asian to join aKDPhi?

Of course not! We are Asian-INTEREST, not Asian-EXCLUSIVE. "Asian-interest" sorority means that we promote Asian awareness. We have sisters of all ethnicities across the nation who have joined us in our mission. In meeting this objective, we do not discriminate against anyone in any way; ethnicity is not a factor when we choose our potential new members. We warmly welcome all women who share our purpose, interest, and vision.